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consult on building ▓it concluded that trains were not meant t▓o go that high. Apparently th

y trucks lining the street on the way out of

is one was. 銆€銆€Today we s▓aw many people standing by the roadside▓ holding

town. Arriving by procession on t▓he

plastic bags containing what I assumed was ▓fruit or vegetables and waving them

other side were modern style mi

at passing motorists. Just as I was thinking to myself that few people woul

litary veh▓icles. I remain curious about why there were so many,

d stop on a highway to buy something, our driver slammed on his brakes and m

▓what they were doing and where they we

ade a dash towards a seller. 銆€銆€Herdsman make▓ their "temporary" homes here

re going. 銆€銆€As the trucks were parked,▓ we ma

during summer, a▓utumn and spring. (Photo:銆€銆€He came back


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with a bag of mushrooms he bought for 40 yuan. I was told that because they were wild mushro

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oms grown in the mountains they were worth every kuai. I鈥榤 ▓still not s

Gallery Image 2

ure how he knew they were mushrooms ▓in the first place. 銆€銆€One of the h

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azard▓s of driving in this part of the world is the yaks and cattle that

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sometimes meander acros▓s the roads. These are even more distracting to mot

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orist▓s than having bags of vegetables waved at you from the▓ roadsi

de. 銆€銆€Another driving hazard in Tibet is falling rocks from the mountains above. The solution? Constructing large sheets of metal▓ netting and casting them across the ▓mountains. I鈥榤 not sure how effectiv

e this is but at lea▓st it provides some peace of mind that falling boulders▓ might be contained. 銆€銆€We arrived

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at the base of Nam▓co Lake to find a small shop selling yogurt. As t

h▓is was the last day of the "Yogurt festival" I had to try some. I was warned that the yogurt would ▓be too sour without sugar, so I added some. I鈥榤▓ still not sure if it was made from yak鈥榮 milk or cow鈥榮

milk but it was delicious. 銆€銆€Along the w▓ay up the mountain I saw what looked to be camping sites strewn along either side of the road. I enqui▓red with our driver whether these were permanent residents

or campers. 銆€銆€I was told these are herdsman who make their "temporary" homes here during s▓ummer, autumn and

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spring. This is so their livesto▓ck, yaks, sheep or cattle, have fres

h pastures to graze on. In winter they go back down ▓the mountain to their 鈥榩ermanent鈥?homes. 銆€銆€Tibe▓t鈥榮 incredible scenery can change very quickly and today was no different. No sooner had we past▓ t

he herdsman then the weather became colder and, as we climbed higher and higher, snow capped mountains came into

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world famous Tibetan rai▓lway cost around 44.2 billion U.S. dollars to build and is considered to be something of an

John Doe, engineering marvel. Th

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view. 銆€銆€We caught our first glimpse of Namco Lake from the top

of the mountain an▓d then it was back in the car for the forty-minute drive down the other side. 銆€銆€Again the scenery changed. The snowy mountains were soon exchanged for blue skies, white clouds and green plains. We were approaching the most holy lake is Tibet. 銆€銆€In contrast to ou▓r visit to Yamdro Yumtso Lake yesterday Namco Lake is more geared towards tourists

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    . There was a car park full of cars and coaches, stalls selling ever

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    ything from jewellery▓ to horse rides and plenty of tourists. Neverth

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    eless▓ it鈥榮 still very impressive. 銆€銆€Down by the shoreline we

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